The Art Lifestyle In Dallas At Kessler West

Modern art. Pop art. Surrealism. Art is a lifestyle. A lifestyle in Dallas at the new mid-century luxury community, Kessler West in Oak Cliff. Kessler West embodies the modern art influence with its mid-century approach to art and architecture. The modern white walls of the Kessler West have been designed and built for the art collector that lives the lifestyle of art. Recessed lighting has been carefully placed to highlight the art wall to showcase the art and the lifestyle. Kessler West is working closely with many of the art galleries in Dallas to create and curate a one of a kind living and breathing artistic lifestyles at Kessler West.

(Kessler West is timeless modernism at its best. Inspired by the minimalist designs of coveted masters, it is a simple yet sophisticated setting for a life lush with culture, nature and connection)